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Special Agarwood oil (Oud oil)

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Special Agarwood oil (Oud oil)


Vietnamese oud oil grade S is the very high quality oud oil product manufactured by Binh Nghia Agarwood Co., Ltd, ranking only after grade "Super K". Being distilled from pure oud without fragrance or toxic chemicals, oud oil grade S is the best choice for you.

Vietnamese oud oil grade S contains pure oil extracted from the oud inside Vietnamese aquilaria crassna trees. No fragrance is mixed with this pure oil, so its scent seems to be natural, earthy, warm and very sweet. The oud oil after being applied to the skin lasts for up to 10 hours,  if being applied to the clother lasts for up to 10 days.

Binh Nghia oud oil grade S is made from pure oud. No toxic chemicals or fragrance is added to the oil. All is pure and natural.

All Binh Nghia oud oil products are certified with CITES, COA, MSDS and C/O.

Binh Nghia Agarwood Co., Ltd is always of good quality, steam distilled from Agarwood powder, which are over tens of years old.

Uses of Oud oil.

Make perfume:

Pure oud oil has a very strong, strong and spicy aroma. The frankincense oil is actually born from the mounds raised on the Do Bau tree trunk. Because of these characteristics, the world's leading scientists and perfume makers use only a few drops of this essential oil in the manufacture of artificial perfumes. Agarwood oil is classified into high-class oud oil worldwide.

Uses of agarwood in medicine. 

+ Helping erectile dysfunction in sexual intercourse, improving sex life for couples.

+ Blurring scars, blurring wrinkles, helping skin stretch.

+ Push pimples and tighten pores.

+ Reducing swelling and removing mosquito toxins, insect bites.

+ Reducing pain due to arthritis and trauma.

Note: Agarwood oil is harmful to pregnant women, can lead to miscarriage, so you should be careful when you are pregnant, do not smell and touch Agarwood oil.

Product Information

Product Name: Super Agarwood oil
Material: 100% agarwood oil
Place of origin: Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam
Brand name:  Binh Nghia
Grade Super
Model number: S1
Color: Light brown
Specifications: very long lasting, no chemicals or artificial color added
Density: 0.97
Scent: Very sweet smell, woody, fruit smel
Certificate: CITES; C/O
Sample Free sample; No free ship

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Package Aluminium bottle
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