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Price of Agarwood

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Price of Agarwood


Oud chips have a special fragrance with affordable prices, please contact Binh Nghia Agarwood Co., Ltd. via hotline: +84.936.321.239 for advice and fastest purchase with the best price.

What is the price of agarwood on the market today? Where there are lower prices in the market but the goods are guaranteed quality, pure or not? Contact us for pricing on frankincense products.

Over 35 years of experience, Binh Nghia Agarwood Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading companies in the product of agarwood  with the largest scale in Vietnam.

Currently, we have planted 50 hectares of Aquilaria Crassna trees over 10 years old, so it is mainly exploited in the form of stable, high quality raw materials and sold at a fairly competitive price.

Closed process of operation from planting, mining, manufacturing, trading and exporting agarwood. We supply Agarwood products to many countries around the world. Therefore, our company is highly regarded as the best product in Vietnam.

Business all over the world, we believe will bring the best value to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

Agarwood prices on the market today have many different prices, Depending on the quality, shape and smell of the product

Types of Agarwood include: Agarwood chips, Agarwood chunks powder, incense, Oil, etc., sold at different prices.

Currently, the price of Agarwood is from 200 USD - 3,000 USD / kg, the price of Agarwood oil is from 4,000 USD - 20,000 USD / kg

agarwood price

Agarwood price at agarwood.vn

To help you know exactly the price of frankincense in Binh Nghia Agarwood. Please contact the phone number below:

Agarwood Price (USD)
Agarwood oil  Call +84.936.321.239
Agarwood powder  Call +84.936.321.239
Agarwood incese  Call+84.936.321.239

Why are agarwood wood prices high?
There must be a lot of unknown customers about agarwood wondering that "why agarwood has such a high price". We, Binh Nghia Agarwood, have many years of experience in producing agarwood share with you the factors that make the agarwood price is high.

Ø  Agarwood made from Aquilaria Crassna trees depends very much on external factors as well as it takes a lot of time for the tree to grow and harvest
Ø  Agarwood brings many high-value uses: used to produce frankincense essential oil, incense powder, incense incense, .. and can produce high-class perfumes and cosmetics, so the  agarwood price is pushed up very high.
Ø  Agarwood are used to help mentally treat: reduce stress, nervous stress, ... In addition,  help to ward off evil spirits,air purificationr , bring to Lucky.

With the amazing uses of Agarwood without any replaceable plants, these factors are partly a determining factor for the value of Agarwood.

Contact us via the website: www.agarwood.vn or address: 928 Le Van Luong, Phuoc Kien ward, Nha Be Dist, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam for advice and Experience at our company

Quality Agarwood will bring users unexpected benefits beneficial to your health.

BINH NGHIA Agarwood  is one of the company  to market with quality products with reasonable prices.

Why should you buy Agarwood at BINH NGHIA Agarwood?

+ Always bring customers the best quality products, build reputation in the hearts of customers.

+ Binh Nghia Agarwood not only sells high quality products but also very reasonable price

+ Staff enthusiastically consult and care for customers, helping customers choose the most appropriate product


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